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We work with you to teach you about your body and guide you on your journey to better health in a unique, compassionate and supportive environment.

Dr. Emily Kolaga


Dr. Emily first became interested in physical therapy while being rehabilitated from a soccer injury. This experience prompted her to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy, graduating from the University of ND with a Master’s degree in 2002 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2005. As she got further along in her own healing, and she understood better all the interconnections of the body, mind, and spirit, her focus shifted to a more global approach of caring for a person....
Dr. Emily’s focus is on providing high touch physical therapy that looks at the person as a whole – beyond just their injury or illness. Dr. Emily is an Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner and also enhances her physical therapy treatments with advanced energy therapies. “Both of these types of therapies engage the body’s natural ability to heal. Engaging the body’s innate ability to heal, coupled with an individualized physical therapy rehabilitation plan allows our patients to integrate their healing back into their lives.” She has extensive post-graduate education in treating women’s health issues including fertility issues, pregnancy-related care, and challenges with pelvic floor dysfunction. Dr. Emily also has over a decade of experience in working with patients in their rehabilitation of complex or chronic conditions, injuries, and illnesses.
Dr. Emily created Trimotion Rehab, LLC in 2004, with the focus of transforming traditional rehabilitation practices into heart-centered, high-touch Physical Therapy. She believes that patients should be involved in designing a treatment plan that not only addresses their injury or illness but also factors their lifestyle, emotions, and personal goals into their treatment. She understands that in order for the patient to heal, they must choose the outcome they are trying to achieve and that they must actively participate in their own therapy and healing. Dr. Emily believes that having strong body awareness and knowledge of how your body works are at the center of the healing process. That is why each patient is taught about their body and how to work with it instead of just being provided exercises and being told what to do. She has built a team that integrates movement therapies and mind-body therapies into treatment plans. “Our team works together, sharing and integrating approaches and therapies that are best for our patients’ well-being. Here we are a family of therapists working to let patients know that they can change their circumstances and improve their lives.”

Scott Thompson


Scott is an expert in working with the body’s natural energy system offering individualized advanced energy medicine and mind-body therapies to patients. Scott first became involved with mind-body therapies over 40 years ago, following a serious automobile accident. Since that time he has practiced advanced energy therapies, Qigong, breathwork, meditation, guided imagery, and has practiced and taught Reiki. In addition, he has helped to facilitate... patient support groups for a regional health care organization. Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy that works to enhance the body’s natural healing energies. As a Reiki Practitioner, Scott works with people with chronic and acute conditions. His experience in enhancing medical care by integrating energy therapy and mind-body therapies led him to work as a part of the Trimotion Team. Scott believes that physical and emotional challenges affect the body as a whole and that all too often people end up defining themselves by their medical circumstances. He believes that healing can happen when people see the possibilities that lie beyond their circumstances, and that to truly heal, a person’s body, mind, and heart must all be a part of the solution. “That’s the great thing about working with the Trimotion Team, we can work with the person as a whole.” Scott is also a Senior Partner of Trimotion. Prior to joining the Trimotion Team, Scott was a part of a global conservation organization working on water conservation and rehabilitation and has a long history in successful business management.

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Joanna Stozek


Joanna Stozek is a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). She's been interested in health and wellness from her teens and earned her Bachlors in Science - Kinesiology in 2012. During undergrad she trained individuals and groups in several fitness gyms and enjoyed working with people on their fitness journeys. She completed her yoga 200 hour certification to round out her fitness training education. She grew more interested in helping people on their health journey by improving... what was in their way of their health goals. Joanna completed her PTA license at Bryant and Stratton college in 2021. She discovered Trimotion Therapy during her clinical rotation and loved the unique whole person approach emphasis. She learned techniques that deepened her understanding of compassionate touch at Trimotion from Dr. Emily Kolaga and is continually learning to best serve patients.


Boggie is a rescued havanese poodle mix that joined Dr. Emily's family in November of 2020. He loves coming to the clinic and helping patients feel more relaxed. He is hypoallergenic, has a gentle energy and loves to have his belly scratched. Boggie can be part of your therapy session if you'd like.