Chronic Pain Treatment for Women

We understand chronic pain and how it can impact your life. Our chronic pain treatment and therapy has been developed using the latest research, and by staff who have successfully managed their own chronic pain conditions for decades. We specialize in helping women with chronic conditions and pain who have been unable to find help elsewhere.


Pain turns chronic when it lasts for more than six months because when in long-term pain, parts of the brain that send and receive pain signals often become more sensitive. Experts have recognized that chronic pain often occurs in addition to the pain that was a part of your original health condition. Chronic pain may actually become independent of the underlying injury or illness that started it all. Chronic pain takes on a life of its own.


Experts note that the more the brain processes pain, the more perceptive it gets, putting the brain on high alert. This makes chronic pain difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to treat. Instead of pain being a part of a person’s life, often a person’s life is controlled by the pain that they feel. But there is more, chronic pain is often associated with emotions and expectations, causing stress and anxiety, which can make chronic pain even worse. Often patients and healthcare professionals keep working to cure the original health condition to try to manage chronic pain providing little relief, leaving you to continue to struggle with chronic pain.


Because the human body is interconnected, our therapy addresses the whole body to reduce chronic pain. We work with you to identify the sources of your chronic pain and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account you and your life style. We help you take a more active role in understanding your body and managing your pain. We work with you to assess and help you adjust everyday things in life that may be causing more pain within your body. We understand that compassionate therapy and self compassion are key to successfully treating chronic pain. In addition to body therapy and gentle movement therapies, we teach strategies like breath work, mindful movement and body awareness. Our therapy does focus on helping to reduce chronic pain, but we also work with you to address your responses to pain, helping you to find new possibilities to cope with and adapt to pain. In short, we help you find ways to learn to integrate chronic pain into your life, rather than having it control your life.


Because chronic pain isn’t short-term in nature, we offer continued support and fine tuning beyond the initial therapy period. We also work in partnership with other health care providers and mental health providers to help you find the level of support that you need to help manage your challenge. We know how important it is have a full life -  to do the things that you need and want to do. We respect how difficult it can be to live a life with chronic pain, and are committed to providing compassionate hands-on care to help you reclaim your life.


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