Pain Management Clinic in Delafield WI for Women & Children

Whether your health challenge is recently acquired, has been around for decades, or you just want to improve in your body’s ability to do things, our experts can help!

When you’re challenged by pain

We understand pain.

We know how pain can change your life, how it can make staying active a challenge, how it can affect everything you do.

Pain is how your body gets your attention - letting you know that something is out of balance in your body.

We’ve been helping people manage or resolve their pain for decades. We’ve successfully helped people with muscle, nerve, joint and bone pain by working with all the body’s systems to re-establish its natural balance.


We use proven methods of care like Expert Level Myofascial Release integrated into our proprietary BASE Therapy. We work with the vagus nerve – the cranial nerve that controls your inner nerve center - for neurological quieting of the pain response.

We train you in breath work, awareness and mindfulness. We offer movement re-education, massage and floatation therapy, understanding the role each of these therapies plays in the healing process.

We have successfully treated:

Neck and back pain

Pelvic pain

Shoulder, hip and knee pain

Joint pain

TMJ pain

Post-surgical pain


Migraines and headaches

Nerve pain


Muscle sprains

Joint strains

And more

Women with pelvic health challenges

Dr. Emily’s passion and post-graduate education is focused on female pelvic health, making her one of the leading experts in the area caring for women with pelvic health challenges. She’s worked in the field of women’s health for almost two decades.

The pelvis is the foundation of our body - key to structural balance and nervous system health. Through injury, illness, childbirth and age, our pelvis changes and often leads to challenges throughout the entire body.


Gentle hands-on therapy helps to release restrictions, gradually allowing pelvic muscles to function properly once again. We work with the central nervous system and deep core for stability to get rid of pelvic pain and dysfunction. Coupled with self-care strategies and movement re-education therapy, we work with you to return your body back to normal functioning to every extent possible.

At Trimotion Therapy, we’ve successfully treated:

Pelvic pain

Dyspareunia (painful Intercourse)

Interstitial Cystitis


Urinary incontinence frequency and urgency


Sacral and coccygeal (tailbone) pain

Pudendal nerve pain

Levator Ani Syndrome

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Excessive menstrual irregularities and pain


Gastrointestinal disorders

Pain from cysts



Moms and babies

Being pregnant and bringing a child into this world are among the greatest joys in life. At Trimotion, we help moms and moms-to-be make a connection to the changes in their bodies, helping to make their experience easier and more enjoyable.

Dr. Emily is both a mother and a specialist in pregnancy and post-partum care.

Education and managing changes in your changing body, maintaining a healthy weight and staying active safely are important for your health as well as your baby’s. Our unique treatments help prepare your body for delivery and reduce the risk of initial or repeat tearing, episiotomy or forceps delivery.


We help your body recover after vaginal and c-section deliveries and guide you in safe return to fitness activities. We support nursing efforts for both mom and baby. We support other postpartum challenges including screening and immediate support for postpartum depression.

Therapy often includes gentle hands-on myofascial release, self-care strategies and movement reeducation, all working to make your experience full of joy and excitement.

Here are some of the benefits of PT before, during and after pregnancy.
Benefits of PT before getting pregnant:

Treat scar tissue from previous c-sections, abdominal scar tissue, & endometriosis which can contribute infertility issues

Help mom achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Establish an appropriate exercise program

Screen for possible issues based on previous general health history and obstetric history

Balance the pelvis and trunk for optimal room for baby...

Benefits of PT while pregnant:

Treating sciatica, pubic symphysis, pelvic girdle and round ligament pain

Treating urinary or bowel incontinence and gas

Treating morning sickness

Preparation of pelvic floor for labor and delivery

Treatment of previous scar tissue in abdomen or vagina to reduce the risk of tearing or episiotomy

Instruction in proper body mechanics for lifting and movement

Education on proper positioning for growing belly and breasts

Education about and treatment of possible complications that can develop during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, Placenta Previa and high blood pressure

Proper fitting of belly bands and pelvic support belts

Instruction in birthing positions to help reduce labor complications or address special circumstances such as hip replacement or disc herniation

Benefits of PT in postpartum:

Instruction in parameters for return to exercise

Education on proper positioning for nursing and proper latching

Recovery of vaginal and abdominal strength

Treatment of separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)

Treatment of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues

Treatment of neck, back, or pelvic pain

Addressing the return to proper movements to reduce strain

Helping scars heal after delivery

Weight loss and muscle toning, return to sport-specific activity

Helping the return to sexual health

Treating results of traumatic or hard birth in mom and infant

Women and children with neurological disorders

When the functioning of your central nervous system is challenged, it can affect all aspects of your life. You can feel lost and disassociated with your body and unable to count on your body.

Gentle hands-on therapy helps to quiet the disruption in the central nervous system. Specific strategies that address the vagus nerve help balance its function. Breath work and utilizing awareness strategies allows you to feel and make changes that result in more control of your body. Movement re-education — learning how to move safely throughout every day — is crucial to your success. Our therapy and self-care strategies teach ideal movement patterns for your condition. Coupled with the appropriate level of strengthening, it will result in better control of your symptoms and — most important — your ability to function and perform in your life.

Among the neurological disorders we’ve successfully treated:


Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease




Bell’s Palsy

Concussion and head injuries

Muscular dystrophy

Supporting healing from trauma and post-surgical recovery

Often trauma is held within the body, even if it was from a long time ago. We work with you to perform gentle releases that help re-connect you with your body, in a process that is never forced. We provide compassionate presence and care and a safe place to heal. We’ve successfully helped women who have experienced sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse and trauma to reclaim their bodies and their lives.

Following surgery, an injury or trauma, the body needs support in its healing efforts. With recent surgery or injury, the body must be allowed to go through its healing stages, but too much inflammation or pain can inhibit healing. We support your healing with pain-reduction and antiinflammation therapies, such as myofascial release, deep oscillation therapy, massage and lymphatic massage. We incorporate movement re-training and gentle strengthening as soon as your body is ready.

Women who want to living gracefully throughout their entire life

No matter our age, we have the ability to learn and to make positive decisions about our bodies now - decisions that have the power to positively affect the rest of our lives. Your treatment is created from a sound understanding of the changes a woman’s body goes through as she ages. We educate women of all ages on their bodies and teach proven strategies to reduce the impacts of aging. We work with women to develop long-term health and wellness programs that keep their bodies balanced and strong - so they can live an active lifestyle at every stage of life.

Teens dealing with scoliosis, growing pains and poor “technology” posture

Working with teens to set them on a path of physical success is one of our main goals. We believe the earlier a person knows how their body works, and what things strain it, the better they are in preventing problems as they grow up.

We have successfully helped teens slow the progression of scoliosis and learn how to manage their growing pains. The daily use of technology can contribute to pain, headaches and poor posture. Posture education and core strengthening are important to prevent headaches, neck pain and low back pain.

Reducing effects of stress for women and teens

Stress causes dis-ease in the body. It is the underlying cause of or contributor to many health problems, including issues with pain, headaches, digestion, breathing, cognitive processing, and sleep issues. It can put us at increased risk for other health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes and so much more.

Stress reduction education is incredibly important for women and teens. With our program, you’lll learn how to listen to your body and develop unique strategies to counteract the effects of stress. You’ll be educated in the stress response cycle, your personal power over stress and what you can do to help your body return to a more relaxed state which allows for optimum functioning.
With a better mind-body balance, you can find more joy in your life.

Other conditions we treat

We train you in breath work, awareness and mindfulness. We offer movement re-education, massage and floatation therapy, understanding the role each of these therapies plays in the healing process.

What are some other conditions treated successfully at Trimotion?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sports injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Unresolved scar/tissue pain arthritis

Disc problems

Eye pain & eye tracking/Reading problems

Repetitive strain injuries

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Esophageal Reflux

Post mastectomy/lumpectomy scarring and pain