Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Being pregnant and bringing a child into this world are among the greatest joys in life. At Trimotion Therapy, we help women with challenges that could be impacting their fertility and provide support throughout pregnancy & postpartum. We will support you in making your experience easier and more enjoyable so you can focus on the wonder of it all. Dr. Emily is both a mother and a specialist in pregnancy and postpartum care.


Women who are having fertility issues can benefit from myofascial release to open the structure of the body, and to reduce inflammation or scar tissue. Stress reduction techniques go a long way to help your mind and body be more balanced, open and calm. We are sensitive to the emotional toll it takes when you are trying to get pregnant but it hasn’t worked out yet. Know that there is hope and we will provide a gentle, nurturing space and therapy to help your body be receptive to becoming pregnant. If trauma or abuse is in your past, we can support you in making a connection to your body again and work with you gently and safely to release protective holding patterns.


Pregnancy causes many physical changes, and we can help you make connections to these changes in your body to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Many typical pregnancy symptoms such as pain, nausea, heartburn, and swelling are resolved as the body achieves balance. We use myofascial release because of its effectiveness and gentle application to help balance the pelvis and body. We will teach you about your changing body and how to maintain that balance, how to move properly to reduce strain and what activities are good to do for maintaining fitness.


Our unique treatment includes specialized pelvic floor releases to reduce the risk of initial or repeat tearing, episiotomy or instrument-assisted delivery. We will teach you how to prepare your back, hips, pelvis and pelvic floor to have an easier vaginal or c-section delivery. We will teach you strategies to help baby be head down for delivery and different positions to try for easier laboring and delivery.


In the postpartum, we help your body recover from pregnancy, delivery and treat any surgical scars or tears. We will help you restore normal functioning of the pelvic floor and address diastasis recti or separation of the abdominal muscles. Incontinence that lasts more than 6 weeks shows there is a dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles. We can address that and other issues with the pelvic floor function so you don’t have problems in the future. We will teach you how to properly engage your deep core. Too many women want to get their body back and think they are doing the exercises correctly, but unfortunately, they are using the wrong muscles. We will guide you in safe return to fitness activities.


In our Baby and Me Body Mechanics workshop, we teach women how to use their body the right way to promote milk production, reduce strain, and increase energy as you care for your new baby. This includes how to position your body for nursing, how to carry and lift the care seat, how to bathe baby and more.


Sometimes labor and delivery doesn’t go as planned, was difficult or there was trauma to mom or baby during delivery. We understand how hard that can be physically and emotionally. We have a lot of experience working with mom and baby to heal from these experiences. We also support other postpartum challenges including screening and resources for postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. We work in partnership with other health care providers and mental health providers to help you find the level of support that you need to heal.


To learn more about how we can support you or to book an appointment, call Trimotion Therapy at 262-754-1650.