Women's Pelvic Health

Every person from the time we are born throughout our life span, go through specific periods of transition. We, as females, are unique in that every month, once we hit puberty, our body goes through its monthly menstrual cycle. The proper functioning of the muscles and organs within the pelvic region and our cycle have major impacts on our health, our body and how we feel. The pelvis is the foundation of our body - key to structural balance and nervous system health. Through injury, illness, childbirth and age, our pelvis changes and often leads to challenges throughout the entire body.


Dr. Emily’s passion and post-graduate education is focused on female pelvic health, making her one of the leading experts in the area caring for women's pelvic health challenges. She’s worked in the field of women’s health for almost two decades.


Pelvic Health

We believe women should be educated in their pelvic anatomy, how their body should work and what is getting in the way of it functioning properly. For instance, despite the common belief that having incontinence is a normal thing, it is not. You should be able to have full control of your bladder and bowels no matter your age or whether or not you’ve had children. Pain with your menstrual cycle or with intercourse is also something that can be addressed successfully with our therapy. Migraines and headaches often are caused by restrictions in the pelvic region. 


We use gentle hands-on therapy to release restrictions, gradually allowing pelvic muscles to function properly once again. We work with the central nervous system and deep core for stability to get rid of pelvic pain and dysfunction. Coupled with self-care strategies and movement re-education therapy, we work with you to return your body back to normal functioning to every extent possible.


Impacts of Aging

Aging causes changes within the joints, muscles, neurological processes and how quickly our body heals. By understanding what these changes are at a physiological level, we can lessen the impacts aging has through specific strategies, movement re-training and structural releases.


While aging is a natural process, too often we make the process harder on our body and accelerate it with improper movements or poor posture. This slight strain over time can contribute to osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, tightness and weakness. We teach you how to use your body the right way with every day tasks to reduce micro-trauma and inflammation. We help our patients gain an understanding of the changes that happen with age so you can make more informed decisions as you participate in fitness activities. Too often women work too intensely or don’t allow their body adequate time to rest between workouts. This causes more wear and tear on our body than we have the ability to repair. We can help you find the right mix of activities and intensity in doing the things you love to do to reduce this risk of injury.


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