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The Wall of Hope is yet another way to participate in your healing. Share your success stories and inspiration for others to use as they embark in the healing process. Here is what others are saying:

For the last 40 years, I have struggled with severe migraines. I have tried many approaches here in the US and in Germany ranging from traditional medicine to natural supplements to acupuncture to changes in life style and diet. None of those medicines and earnest efforts alleviated my pain; some of them added unwelcome side effects.

In the beginning of this year, I found myself crumbling. It seemed as though after decades of suffering I was loosing the strength and courage to handle the pain and also the depression that would follow each migraine attack. A friend and mentor then recommend Myofascial Release Therapy. Some of my friend’s students had overcome migraines through the help of a well-trained and expert practitioner in MFR. Thus I found Dr. Emily, Scott and Trimotion.

The work of Dr. Emily and Scott has been nothing short of a miracle for me! I am filled with immense gratefulness towards them! It has been seven months now. I walk differently. I sleep differently. I eat differently … and the list goes on. The learning that Dr Emily and Scott facilitate with expertise, graciousness and generosity has provided the much needed relief to my body that I had given up on. Years and years of suffering have been lifted off of me.

Each session at Trimotion strengthens my hope, and my heart is filled with the joy of the interconnectedness of life, not just between my own body, mind and spirit, but between each human being, in this case patient and therapists which has transformed my life.

I am a new person thanks to Dr. Emily and Scott. With compassion they teach me how to be in harmony with my body and to learn how beautifully it works. I very rarely get a migraine now, and it is only mild in nature then. Imagine that – no more chronic pain! With Scott’s and Emily’s help, I am discovering to befriend and know my body, to breathe in a way that fills me each moment with calm and healing. And what a healing force our breath and the right understanding of our body can be!

The atmosphere at Trimotion is truly wonderful. One feels welcomed and recognized right away as a fellow human being when first greeted and helped by Jamie. I consider the Trimotion Physical Therapy Clinic an inspiring gem in the greater health care world where in the past I have often encountered time pressures, sterile environments, no or minimal human connections between me as a patient and my doctors, where I sensed profit driven care and where coldness and machines prevailed. Not so here – I love coming to Trimotion. Dr. Emily and Scott are masters in their field who with supreme kindness and gentleness share their excellent knowing and decades of experience with their patients.

Dr. Emily and Scott have been providing care for my son who has a neuromuscular disorder for two years. My son has received the most wonderful care that has reduced and alleviated many of the symptoms associated with his disorder. Scott and Dr. Emily have treated my son with respect and a remarkable amount of care. As a parent it is wonderful to have any extra support in taking care of someone with special needs. I have felt their support from the very beginning. From consultation through treatment you will receive education, guidance, care and respect. It is evident as soon as you meet the staff at Trimotion that they are passionate about what they do, incredibly knowledgeable and kind beyond words. I highly recommend Tri-Motion Rehab

I have suffered with migraines and chronic neck pain for over 15 years.  I have been working with Scott and Emily during the past year and have seen tremendous changes in my life.  I am more balanced, peaceful and more capable of healing myself.  They have helped me physically and emotionally.  It is a joy to work with them and every time I leave a session I am inspired to continue my growth and become the person I want to be.

I have been coming to Tri-Motion Rehab for six months or so and am really amazed at the results that I’m seeing thanks to Dr. Emily and Scott. Over 15 years ago, I suffered a broken tailbone and herniated disc from a snowboarding injury. Ever since that injury, I’ve had very difficult time sitting for long periods of time. In particular, riding in a car or plane seems to really set off my pain and I find it very uncomfortable for even short distances. I have to drive a lot for work so I’d spend the evenings and weekends trying to recover from the damage done to my back while driving.

Dr. Emily’s approach is really hard for me to fully understand but if I had to explain it in my own words, I feel like there are muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues that are gradually and finally releasing or relaxing after years of being very tight. I know that when I hurt myself, I did some serious damage but kept hoping it would just “get better”. Over the years, I have felt my body try to protect the area around my tailbone. I’ve tried every option under the sun – physical therapy, medications, acupuncture, massage, cortisone injections in the spine and I’ve even been told by two orthopedic surgeons to consider surgery.

Finding Tri-Motion has been so amazing because I can now sit without as much pain, I can feel more range of motion in my hips and back and I am able to start dreaming again and hope to get back to some of the sports that I really love and miss.

My 17 year old daughter was a patient at Tri-Motion Rehab both pre and post major spine surgery. Emily and Scott are wonderful. They were able to put my daughter at ease and more importantly, improve her alignment prior to surgery and significantly reduce her pain post surgery. Their knowledge of anatomy and their very comprehensive techniques are beyond compare.

Working with the staff at Trimotion has helped me develop and maintain conscious physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I went for a persistent groin & lower back pain. Since soccer is a great love of mine, I wanted to address & relieve the pain at its source so I could continue to play my favorite sport. Dr. Emily analyzed my body & movement & identified key areas of weakness – areas where I was tight & limited & corresponding areas that were trying to correct/replace those areas. Then Dr. Emily treated my tightness & pain with calm, controlled & gentle movements. I was then educated with how to continue treatment at home. I appreciated the detail in care, the kindness of their approach & ultimately, the diversity of techniques to treat the entire body while remembering the connection to the mind. I would recommend Tri-Motion to anyone looking for a comprehensive treatment program.

I really appreciate what you’ve done for me at Trimotion. What I have learned about my body has allowed me to keep going. Learning to breathe has been key; it has been so helpful to keep me calm and on even keel. I have my life back!

As a therapist of the clinic, this story was difficult to write. I don’t like to talk about myself and I don’t want this to appear self-serving. But I have been encouraged enough times, by enough people, to share the story of my journey back to hope.

At 23 years old I found myself standing on top of a mountain looking at the curvature of the world. I was amazed at how vast but yet how interconnected everything in the world seemed to be in that very moment. I felt the cramping in my legs, sat for a moment and marveled at how interconnected my body was, and how it had the strength and finesse to take me and my pack up to the top of the world. I looked back at my short life thinking how blessed I had been and what I had already accomplished, and pondered what the future might hold.

Less than a year later I remember looking at that same body marveling at how difficult it was to get out of a chair and force my legs through the pain and numbness to move 10 steps across a room. A driver lost control of his car, using mine to finally come to a stop. Cut out of my car with the Jaws of Life and strapped to a backboard I could only wonder what life had in store. Diagnosis – a spinal injury. Prognosis – soon to be moving about in a wheelchair.

I spent quite a few years trying to beat the prognosis, manage the pain without medication and get back to a more “normal” life. Doctor after doctor, PT clinic after PT clinic, I searched for a solution. All I heard is that they could manage parts and pieces of my pain and symptoms with medication and exercise. Move it or lose it I was told. But moving was becoming more painful and difficult and hope was slipping away.

Parts and pieces – manage symptoms – none of it made sense to me. So I struck out on my own to find a different way. Now walking across a room meant often having two canes, one in each hand, lifting my legs until the pain became too excruciating. My own research convinced me that I should begin my quest with traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. I found a Chinese Doctor and spent the next seven years, hours at a time receiving treatments and learning as much as I could about this different way. In addition to teaching she also encouraged me to learn about energy in the human body and in the world. “We are all energetic beings,” she said. “Learn how energy drives all of life, and how energy flowing and in balance can help to restore the human body and the world.”

I worked hard to learn and understand. It was so different from anything I had ever learned before, but yet somehow very familiar and fascinating. I worked to learn qui gong, a form of energy and movement therapy. I worked to master Japanese or Usui Reiki and Tibetan Reiki, both forms of hands-on energy therapies. Now, I am learning to value and love yoga. Consistent amongst all of these “eastern philosophy” therapies was the importance of breath. So I learned how incredibly powerful breath is in bringing the human body back to a balanced and healthy state. Above all I learned to trust the wisdom of my heart and what it tells me about my body and about others. I found that with a balance of western and eastern medical practices, I was able to maintain my health. Decades of learning from others, working with others, studying the human body and its interrelationships brought me to this place.

A number of years ago another driver failed to control their car and I sustained a brain injury that caused a central nervous system disorder called dysautonomia. This has challenged my body in ways I could never have imagined. Most people take the autonomic system for granted. But this system impacts one’s “automatic” functions like the ability to breathe, swallow, regulate the body’s heating and cooling systems, blood pressure and digestion and so much more. Sometimes these systems are compromised and I have difficulty with simple coordination and some brain processing. In addition I have chronic severe pain, nerve pain, stiff joints, daily headaches and difficulty voiding and sleeping. I don’t share these challenges to tell you that I struggle, because most days – though my body is challenged – I do not struggle. Quite the opposite. Through it all I have been able to use my skills and knowledge to keep my body in a relatively healthy, balanced place and to live an extremely joyful and fulfilling life.

As I was learning about the interconnectedness of the world and the human body, I had the opportunity to study and rehabilitate freshwater systems for an international conservation organization. Managing these systems confirmed what I already knew about the world and the human body. All systems are interconnected. A healthy structure, a healthy flow of fluids, a balanced energy and strong respiration are critical to all life and the health of all systems, whether they are the ecosystems of the Earth, or the ecosystems of the human body.

Another important piece came when I connected with Tri-Motion Rehab a number of years ago as a patient. It was to be my last try at physical therapy. A friend and colleague told me they were different, and that I just had to give physical therapy one more try. Therapies at Tri-Motion contained components of practice that I knew worked well for me, and pieces that seemed to be missing from my practice and experience. Working with Dr. Emily, we began to design a therapy that combined the best of “eastern and western philosophies.” It is a therapy that recognizes that the human body functions as a whole and is interconnected. It is a therapy that looks at the balance of structure, fluids, the energetic function, movement and the importance of breath in restoring a human body to health. It is a therapy that is based on restoring a person’s body and their hope.

Just as important as knowledge of the body and its systems, is knowledge of what having a chronic health challenge means for people. To heal, one must have hope and see new and different possibilities. To heal one must go beyond defining themselves by their condition and understand that their condition is not who they are, but simply one aspect of their life. To heal one must have safe and gentle spaces to get to know their bodies and begin to feel the inner strength that lies deep within. To heal one must begin to feel the joy and peace beyond their pain, their injury or their illness. That is the place that we have worked to create here. A place where people can come to be listened to and understood, to find hope and the safe, caring and nurturing spaces to find their strength within.

I have been fortunate – really fortunate. Almost four decades ago I lost hope. But I worked hard to learn about my body, to see new ways and different possibilities, to seek out the best of what worked for my body and my health. Through that journey I have found hope again, and gone far beyond that hope. I have found joy, peace and purpose in my life, beyond the pain and the functional challenges. And I have been given the gift of being able to share that hope and those healing possibilities with others.

As a patient of Emily and Scott’s, I have experienced great improvement in my health and well being. They are both experts in their fields, as well as being caring and compassionate practitioners. I recommend them highly….They’re great!!

I wish doctors would let women know that even if you’ve had tears or c-sections during previous births that there is this kind of help out there so it doesn’t happen again. It is miraculous how the body can heal and repair close to where it had started.

Trimotion Rehab has been life changing for me in so many areas of my life. I started therapy close to one year ago and I am now experiencing what life is like without all of the pain on a day to day, and moment to moment basis. Trimotion has taught me so many therapeutic techniques to do on my own at home, and they really work. The staff care that wellness promotes a forever change, promoting complete healing. I believe whole body healing is their hearts’ desire and goal with every patient.

As I look back on the many years of sports injuries and my childbirth experiences I became overwhelmed with trying to find a healing solution to my pain. At this point in my life I had become completely miserable and unable to function in a productive day to day way. I had reach a place where functioning was just so painful. My bladder was so uncomfortable. I felt as though it controlled my entire life. I needing to be near a bathroom constantly. Pelvic pain seemed to be affecting my entire body. I had neck and shoulder pain. And more. I was getting depressed because I was unable to enjoy my life in the very active way I loved.

I tried many different medical doctors and natural therapies but did not get relief. Dr. Emily was recommended to me for her combined medical and myofascial release experience. I was willing to try. GOOD NEWS! I now feel great! Most days I function with no pain at all! AND… if something starts to act up I have learned how to do therapy at home or I can go in to Trimotion for a maintenance visit. I truly believe this therapy can work for anyone. My family has gone to Trimotion and they are so happy with their results.

Thank you with all my heart to Trimotion Rehab!

I really appreciated Dr. Emily’s gentleness and thorough explanation of what she was doing and why. A very peaceful environment and one in which I felt cared for.

Since working with Dr. Emily, the most significant benefit has been a reconnection between my brain and areas in my body that had ‘disconnected’ following physical trauma which occurred 7 years ago. Following the reconnection I have been able to perform the strengthening exercises she taught me.

The care I received was professional, beneficial and compassionate.