Getting “You” Back

Combining Compassion and Excellence

At Trimotion we treat people from a unique perspective. Each person is met with compassion, listened to in order to find out what is important to you, and a plan is developed with you to meet your goals and expectations.

A Team Approach

Therapy in our clinic does not just fall under one category and you will have more than the perspective of the therapist who is working directly with you. Your health situation will be reviewed by a team of professionals in order to develop your comprehensive care plan. Though you may not see each one of us for direct care, each one of us will get to know you and provide their expertise to your challenge.

Holistic Assessment and Care

Through assessment of your whole body and how you move, we are able to make a complete picture of you and what is contributing to your symptoms. Often when pain arises or becomes chronic from an injury, surgery or degeneration it is due to other physical compensations that were developed and that still need to be addressed. Often by just looking at where you have pain, tightness or stiffness, the true cause is being missed. That is why we perform a thorough assessment to gather all the pieces to the puzzle and from there we can decide what course of therapy will be the most effective and efficient.