Don’t Let Pain or a Chronic Condition Control Your Life

There is hope.

Does pain, injury or illness control your life? Does it stop you from doing what you need or want to do? Has it become a part of how you define yourself? Does it hold you back from enjoying life? Trimotion can help you take charge and improve your quality of life.

Pain, injury or illness, no matter the diagnosis, affects everybody differently. You are an individual. Your body, along with your dreams and aspirations, should be a part of your healing experience – designed specifically for you. You know your body better than anyone, so we want you to be engaged in your own healing. Your therapist will help you understand your body, the possibilities for healing, the tools that are available and the incredible natural healing potential that lies within every body.

We help you to find organic balance within your body. This means that you can feel less pain and enhance your quality of life. It means that you can regain your life instead of submitting to the pain or illness. It means you can do more, with greater ease and greater joy.

Natural healing.

Your body has an innate capacity to heal. Sometimes it takes someone who is willing to get to know you and your story to help guide you – to help you hear what your body has to say.

Too often patients rely on medications to dull the pain and balance the struggles that come with injury, illness or a chronic condition. While medication can be helpful to manage your condition, we will help you find and address the root of the problem. Although we can’t promise that you will reduce your medication, we have many patients who have worked in concert with our professionals and their Doctors to do just that.

A holistic approach.

With Trimotion, therapy includes looking at your world and your body differently – what you are experiencing, what you feel, and what you want to improve in your life. Chronic conditions often necessitate moving from clinic to clinic, seeking out new approaches to find relief for your symptoms.

We don’t treat just your symptoms – we evaluate and address your body as a whole. We believe your entire body is both connected to and affected by your symptoms. A condition that affects one part of your body, can also affect your mind, body and spirit. We take a holistic approach to Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Be the incredible person you want to be.

We help you transform your life. No matter what your medical circumstances are, you can improve your wellbeing. Through safe and gentle exploration – from breathing, to your body and the way it functions, to how you move – we help you find solutions and strategies that allow you to feel incredible.